Helping People take back control of their health 

In a world that makes good health difficult to achieve and unnecessarily complicated, we teach you the fundamentals so that as a trained health Health Coach you can make it simple and put good health back into easy reach for your clients. 

As a Health Coach will listen, hear, support, educate & motivate your clients to make and sustain positive lifestyle choices in easy, do-able steps to enable them to live healthier and live fuller lives. 

Working with a Health Coach empowers you to take back control of your own health, in your own time, on your terms and help others achieve the same. 

Becoming a Coach

Skills for effective coaching

To become an effective health coach, you will need a mix of skills and knowledge:

  • Coaching skills – it’s hard to change ingrained lifestyle habits, therefore we will teach our health coaches to be effective and highly skilled in behavioural change coaching techniques.  This will include a range of core coaching competences, as well as specific techniques such as Motivational Interviewing, Transtheoretical Model of Change and Positive Psychology.  


  • As with becoming an effective personal trainer, practical experience is essential. Our training will include supervised practice, not just presentations about how to coach.


  • Health knowledge – We will build on the knowledge that you have already gained as a personal trainer and give you the coaching skills required to focus on different lifestyle elements. We believe that our qualified health coaches should be firmly centred in the holistic Functional or whole being approach of searching for the underlying lifestyle-related cause of chronic disease.

Fundamentals of Health Coaching 

Modules of Learning

We will take what you have learned in your personal training program and build on the skills so that you may effectively coach the entire person. Health coaches guide their clients to make weight-related behavioural changes through goal-setting, education, motivation, programming, support, appropriate progressions and referral when necessary. 

A Health coach brings a unique understanding of the intertwined emotions, behavioural, physical, nutritional, exercise and lifestyle factors to clients to help them enhance their well-being and support them as they strive to reach their lifestyle and weight management goals. 

Module 1 - Communication and Effective Coaching Strategies and Skills

Module 2 - Metabolic and Neurological Conditions
Module 3 - Working with Athletes
Module 4 - Working with Older Adults
Module 5 - Injury Prevention and Allied Health

Module 7 - Health and Wellness
Module 8 - Marketing and Business Systems

Each module has screening and assessment tools, strategies, program design and implementation of the techniques that can be applied to individuals.


There are required practice coaching sessions with Fitlink staff to ensure that the information being taught can be applied to clients safely and effectively. 

The course learning is structured into modules as above on a very easy to use online learning portal that you will have access to once you are a student. The learning is structured into learning resources (textbooks), videos, lessons, quizzes and exams, practical logbook and workbooks and practical hours with your Fitlink mentor.

The practical logbook and workbooks are required learning so that you may practice the skills that you learn within the course and apply them to you clients. There will also be a requirement to attend regular coaching and mentoring sessions with your Fitlink mentor with all learning assessed at the end with a coaching session that you will have to perform with your Fitlink mentor demonstrating all of the required skills.

Learning hours are comprised of:

Self-paced learning: study, online resources, workbooks, webinars - 200 hours

Workbook/logbook hours - 100 hours

Directed Practical hours - workshops, coaching with Fitlink mentors - 125 hours

Learning will include all the essential skills that will be required to successfully coach clients to achieve goals. These skills include; ethics and standards, contracts and legal, establishing trust with your client, how to communicate effectively including listening and asking questions, planning actions, goal setting and setting up accountability. 

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